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Granny Flats

I remember when I was young—there was nothing like granny’s house. No
place warmer. No place safer. No place more welcoming than granny’s
front door. But nowadays, that sense of home is sadly difficult to come
by. In the go-go modern world of constantly chirping mobile devices, 24
hour news streams, and working days that never seem to end, it can feel
as though the peace and security of granny’s house is gone forever.
Nowadays, families are frequently scattered and the demands of modern
life make spending quality time with our loved ones an all too rare
luxury. Today’s children often know little of the comfort of granny’s

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Granny flats are roomy, inviting,
fully self-contained portable living spaces which allow you to make a
home anywhere. This means that if you have an aging parent in need of
care, a granny flat will enable them to enjoy all the pleasures of
independent apartment living on your own property. Your children will be
able to experience the irreplaceable warmth of visiting grandma’s house
and you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your parent or loved
one is mere steps away should they need you. And, if you yourself are
looking to downsize, granny flats offer an ideal alternative to the hefty
costs of owning of a free-standing, full-sized home or the inconveniences
of crowded apartment complexes.

At Granny Flats Kit Homes, we offer affordable and easy-to-assemble kits
at a range of price points and featuring the amenities you desire. Our
kits enable you to locate your new home where you choose, with the luxury
of easy portability when you need it! Centrally located in nearby
Thornlie, Granny Flats Kit Homes can provide you with the choices you
want to make our granny flats a true and loving home, just like
granny’s was.