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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Grab a gun and shoot everyone you see in a new Pixel Royale Battles survival shooter! In the best traditions of battle royal games, you will find yourself in the middle of the battlegrounds without any guns. Combat other players and become the last survivor in order to win.

Be creative, think fast and do not stand still if you do not want to die — a random bullet from an unknown sniper can kill you at any moment. Fans of FPS games have to try this survival shooter to experience the thrilling atmosphere of crysis and destruction. There is also a Deathmatch mode for those who want to play a traditional first person shooter.

💎High-end 3D pixels graphics. This is one of the most beautiful survival shooters. Despite that, this 3D shooting game runs smoothly even on older devices thanks to the good optimization.
💎Unlimited possibilities for destruction. The only rule is there are no rules. Stab enemies with a knife, shoot them off with a sniper rifle, or make a big boom and literally blow them up with a rocket. There are many more ways to kill off opponents, so feel free to use your imagination.
💎Battle Royal mode. Allows you to test your survival skills. Use the modern combat techniques and be creative if you do not want to hit the ground. Strike enemies from behind, force them out of buildings with grenades or use sniper rifles to kill them off from the distance. Counter enemies armed with dozens of different guns to become the only survivor.
💎Deathmatch with an easier rule. Put yourself in shoes of a pro soldier from the elite force and go out into the battlefield. Enemies will not surrender without a fight, so work on your aiming skills!
💎Team survival. Do not stand against enemies on your own. Bring your friends and create an army! Gather your friends on one map and start shooting enemies together. Could not find any guns? Heist! Shooting enemies in this FPS game together with friends will deliver you hours of fun.
💎Many interesting guns. This 3D battle royal game offers tons of ammunition. Shoot unknown players with a shotgun, rocket, sniper rifle and other guns. There are even knives for those who prefer to go stealth.

This FPS pixels game Pixel Royale Battles has two modern game modes: Battle Royal and Deathmatch. The first one allows you to test your skills of survival. If you die in the Battle Royal mode, you will lose. Be careful, enemies armed with modern guns can begin shooting at you at any moment. You have to have grand aiming skills and always strike first. Standing in the middle of the battlegrounds will make you a lite target for snipers, so do not be a knight and hide from unknown dangers. The last man to outlive the pixel’s crysis will win the match.

If you are a player who wants to experience the true FPS destruction, enter the Deathmatch mode. It is a gungame for 25 players where your only goal is to get as many frags as you can. Go to the battlegrounds and start shooting right away! “Royal Battle” mode has a simple rule: every player respawns soon after the death. Grab a shotgun, knife, or even an RPG to make a huge boom and become the best player on the battleground!

Install the game and start killing enemies right away. You can go into the battleground right now. Play solo and knive opponents from behind, destroy groups of people with a rocket launcher or start a heist with your friends. Explore all the possibilities of the enormous pixel world for free. Numerous weapons, and maps await you.
Each player has their own base now!

– Improve your physical and shooting skills!
– Purchase skins for characters and weapons!
– Invite your friends and set up group battles!
– Just take some rest after a hard battle and think of equipping player’s base at your own style.

Player’s base has to be recovered and developed, so you’ll need to make some investments into that.

We do believe it is a worthy goal for the true Battle Royale champion!