Thornlie Your ultimate guide to Granny Flat

guide to Granny Flat
guide to Granny Flat

These days, having Granny flat is becoming the trend in Australia. It provides the tremendous opportunity for the homeowner to use an often unused yard of land for investment or boost property value.

What is Granny flat

The term originated from past where people used to have a
separate home for aging parents at same block.

But don’t dwell on word Granny flat, it is just your another home you can use to make the profitable investment.

Granny flat can be the profitable investment.

Adding granny flat to your backyard can help you in two ways.

● Rental

● Property value boost

Rental: You can put it for
rental. It will help you in having extra income. Plus it is affordable to
people as well.

People are finding it easier to find a tenant with apps like
Airbnb. You can also go the traditional way and hire an agent to find the

Property value boosts: Granny flat can increase your property value as it will be a great investment opportunity for the buyer.

How to build and design granny flat

Now, the question comes to how you can be resourceful and design

Here is step by step

Step1: Check out your
city rules

In Australia, legal procedure and rules are different for each
state or even council to council.

So if you stay in
Thornlie, Perth then the laws of building Granny Flat will be different

In fact, in some states, it is not allowed to build granny
flats. But that’s rare.

Make sure you do all
legal formalities and get your Development Application (DA) through the
local council.

This procedure can take around 4 to 6 months depending on where
you stay.

Step 2: Make a plan

It’s time to plan, How would you like to design your flat? It
depends on your block size and budget.

There are various
Granny flats designs. Most people prefer 60m2 size flats as its
and quicker to build.

It’s also important to make sure you decide where to build the
flat. The last thing you want to do is to create something that will mess
with your existing engineering.

Things like where are sewers, easement or stormwater drains plus
how many rooms you want to build etc.

Step 3: Execute

Take everything you did so far and implement it. Find the
builder who can engineer it cost-effectively.

Before hiring the builder, take reviews from his past clients,
check his previous work etc.

You flat can be ready for 8-12 weeks and It can cost more than

So what’s bottom line?

Granny flats can be the great investment opportunity for you.
One should look into this option if you want to grow your finances in long

Your turn, let me know
in the comment your thoughts.

Thornlie Granny Flat Prices

Granny Flat Prices
Granny Flat Prices

Are you planning to buy a house in Thornlie? Do you dream of your own
house but don’t have enough budget to buy one? Are you worried about your
investment in granny flats?

Well, if you are someone who is surrounded by similar questions and is
confused whether to buy a granny flat or not, then we have the answer for
you. Though buying a house is definitely your own choice but if the
concern is your budget, then you will be surprised to know that
purchasing a granny flat in Thornlie is not expensive. Yes, Thornlie
granny flat prices are super affordable and one can buy these house at a
very economical rate.

Though anyone can buy these Granny flats, however, these flats are an
ideal choice for senior citizens who don’t have enough money to construct
a new house but are looking for an independent private space to live
their life. They can either choose to stay in a small 1 bedroom granny
flats or buy a spacious 2 bedroom flat based on their requirement and
preference. Not only this, there are many reasons why granny flat are a
perfect choice for aged people. One of the major reason why aged people
buy a granny flat is its price. Most of the time, people don’t want to
invest a huge amount at this age and they are looking for space where
they can spend less and enjoy their life. Also, you don’t want to
purchase a house which has the high maintenance cost and this makes the
granny flat the obvious choice for many. Well, all that you want in your
house is a modern design with all amenities yet low maintenance. You
don’t want to buy a house where you spend a lot of time, money and energy
in its maintenance.

So, don’t think twice if you have plans to buy a granny house in
Thornlie. It’s one of the best investment options that you don’t want to
lose. You can either stay or rent these granny flats as per your choice
and live a happy life.

Thornlie 2 bedroom granny flat designs

granny flat designs
granny flat designs

Whether you are a young couple or a senior citizen, you always dream of
your own house. Every individual has his own style and preference. Some
people look for a big spacious room while some prefer to stay in the tiny
house with low maintenance option. Well, whatever is your choice,
Thornlie granny flat designs offers customisable design option for every
individual. This self-contained pre-manufactured house is an ideal option
for small family and especially for senior citizen people who want to
live an independent life but don’t want to invest a huge amount in
constructing a new house.

Generally, the granny flat designs are composed of a living room, a
dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and one or two bedrooms with a garden
view. Well, if you need some more space for your house or an extra room
for your guest then you can buy 2 bedroom granny flats, which are perfect
for a small budget family. This granny flat design in Thornlie has a
customisable option that allows you to make changes in the house and
design it as per your lifestyle. The layout of most of the granny flats
is very simple and spacious and hence requires less maintenance.

If you are looking for an economical yet modern housing option, then
granny flat designs are the best. These granny flat designs are extremely
popular in Thorlie. Equipped with modern facilities with an easy to
maintain option has made these granny flats as the preferred choice for
many in Thornlie. Whether you want to buy a granny flat or rent it or
want to give it one lease, it is always a good investment option. You can
easily buy Thornlie 2 bedroom granny flat designs at a small price and
use it as an investment option or stay in the house and enjoy an
independent life.

Thornlie Finding That Granny Flat For A Loved One

Granny Flats
Granny Flats

Finding That Granny Flat For A Loved One

You can start looking for a granny flat for someone you love when you
know that they need to be in a place that is safe for them to live. They
get a little bit of help living their lives when they are in a flat like
this, and you can start looking over the Thornlie granny flat designs and
prices that you think will be most useful for you.

What Are You Buying?

Thornlie granny flat designs and prices will help you see what you are
getting for the money you are paying. You can look for a place to send
your elderly loved one that would be just small enough to be manageable,
and you will save money on that location. You can pick something bigger
if you need to use these spaces for two people or more. All the designs
give you an idea of how easy it is to get around, and you can check out
the amenities and features of the building at the same time.

How Big Are They?

The floor plans that you see tell you how big the spaces are, and you
will decide what you think is the best choice when you are trying to get
someone moved. You can read the square footage on the floor plan, and you
can decide if you are willing to pay the price that has been asked. You
are essentially calculating how much it will cost to pay for each square
foot, and you can make your decision from there.

The granny flat that you choose for an elderly loved one will help you be
sure that you can get them to a safe place that will be easy for them to
live in. Each person you meet will help you choose because of the
amenities in the building, the floor plans, and the prices you see.

Thornlie Granny Flats

Granny Flats
Granny Flats

I remember when I was young—there was nothing like granny’s house. No
place warmer. No place safer. No place more welcoming than granny’s
front door. But nowadays, that sense of home is sadly difficult to come
by. In the go-go modern world of constantly chirping mobile devices, 24
hour news streams, and working days that never seem to end, it can feel
as though the peace and security of granny’s house is gone forever.
Nowadays, families are frequently scattered and the demands of modern
life make spending quality time with our loved ones an all too rare
luxury. Today’s children often know little of the comfort of granny’s

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Granny flats are roomy, inviting,
fully self-contained portable living spaces which allow you to make a
home anywhere. This means that if you have an aging parent in need of
care, a granny flat will enable them to enjoy all the pleasures of
independent apartment living on your own property. Your children will be
able to experience the irreplaceable warmth of visiting grandma’s house
and you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your parent or loved
one is mere steps away should they need you. And, if you yourself are
looking to downsize, granny flats offer an ideal alternative to the hefty
costs of owning of a free-standing, full-sized home or the inconveniences
of crowded apartment complexes.

At Granny Flats Kit Homes, we offer affordable and easy-to-assemble kits
at a range of price points and featuring the amenities you desire. Our
kits enable you to locate your new home where you choose, with the luxury
of easy portability when you need it! Centrally located in nearby
Thornlie, Granny Flats Kit Homes can provide you with the choices you
want to make our granny flats a true and loving home, just like
granny’s was.